Car Show Weekend

That's an anti-freeze reservoir?

Anti-freeze reservoir?

But not Paul Gauguin.

But not V. van Gogh.

The 2nd Annual Hot Rod Run, from Mora to Holman, took place this past Saturday afternoon. Before lunch, the Hot Rods were on display at the Cowboy Kitchen in downtown Mora. Click on the engine photo for more (you’ll leave this site).

And Emma’s ear? Torn by running through a barbed wire fence while not paying quite enough attention. Stitched and bandaged and hopefully good as new soon.

Meanwhile, the late summer rains have made the mushrooms happy… maybe there’s some hydraulic connection between the rain falling down and the mushrooms popping up?

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Summer in the Canyon

South, down the meadow.

South, down the meadow.

Closeup, into the grass.

Closeup, into the grass.

Summer in the Canyon is passing its peak. Flowers are all about, though some have faded and others have still not blossomed. With an unusually long Monsoon Season here in the north, everything that’s alive is doing well, from the field mice and snakes to the trees.

Sometimes it’s the variety that’s so unexpected. It’s mostly dirt, rocks, plants and a bit of water, after all.

Lots of things are just popping out of the ground…
While others have been growing for months.

It’s like living in a Pot of Gold…

It's like living in a Pot of Gold.

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Summer in the Valley

Work progresses slowly inside. Doors and Framing coming down. Outside, it’s summer now. Hot and Dry so far. Hoping for the monsoon to come soon. The plants are still enjoying the winter’s moisture, though it’s retreating deeper under the ground. And clean-up continues. For some reason, rural properties seem to attract piles of old tires. Ninety-five removed so far, with several pickup loads still waiting for a ride.

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Snow – not so?

May 15th at 7am.

May 15th at 12 noon.

Spring in the Canyon is a time of change – often on very short notice! Snow overnight, warm and sunny by afternoon. Early flowers expect it, I suppose. Their hardiness reflects that of the people who live nearby. The Green is deepening now, but still mixed with the beige and brown colors of last years now-dead grasses. Even before their leaves appear, the return of growth to the bushes infuses their branches with amazing red and orange hues.  All of these flowers were blooming on the afternoon of the snowy morning pictured above.

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When it’s warm enough for the acequias to open up, to be free of snow, to be cleaned, the water starts to flow.

And at that time, before the trees are in leaf, the earliest plants start to come forth.

It’s mid-May, and things are finally starting here in upper reaches of the Canyon.

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Valley: The Beginning of Green

A long cold Spring, so far. Late snows and cold blustery days.

The encircling oaks.

Looking to the West.

It’s trash picking time at the little adobe shell… years of trash lie in wait.

At least two more pickup loads of old tires – a sadly dead bunny in one. Scrap metal everywhere –  corrugated roofing, shock absorbers, tin cans, a couple of vehicles.But the Green is coming, is starting. Soon the acequia will run.

Looking to the South.

Goat Invasion.

Barbed wire won’t fence out the goats. A fire-breathing dragon would keep them away, but they’re in short supply after this cold and windy beginning of Spring.

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Slip Slidin’ Away

Sometimes you just need a slideshow… sometimes nothing else will do. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Canyon is a special place. Full of green, full of water, full of life. Sometimes bitter cold, windy and snow-filled. Sometimes a place of sun, warmth and the blessings of Spring and Summer.

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